What Sets Us Apart

Experience — Innovation — Excellence

More than 40 years in Bothell has led to unique and beneficial relationships with dental specialists, labs, physicians, and residents, with wide connections to neighbors, schools, and businesses. Patients continue to travel to see us for their dental care from all over the Pacific Northwest because they appreciate both the level of care received and the personal connection with us. There is a wonderful feeling of connectivity that makes our patients feel comfortable and glad to see us. We treat wonderful people of all ages and interests, and frequently patients are glad to see each other in our dental office.     
We’ve cultivated a staff of long-term, committed professionals who love helping patients achieve the very best dental health possible. Patients in our office feel special because we talk to them, and not just about dentistry! We get to know our patients as people and share our stories and experiences to help put them at ease. 
Dr. Blake Herbison is a doctor of dentistry who takes the time to understand the dental concerns that are unique to each patient. Your treatment will be tailored to your individual needs. Our patients’ lifetime oral health is our ultimate goal.
Patients enjoy the time spent in our office because they can know us as people, not just as doctors and staff. Our patients become part of our dental family, and the care taken for each patient is the same as it is for all friends and family members.